Info version 3.67 Getex: Manage drivers' IMI declarations directly from Getex!

June 14, 2023


Generate IMI posting declarations directly from Getex.


Getex empowers the creation of IMI posting declarations by extracting routing and country information directly from transport files. The driver and vehicle details found in the transport file are seamlessly incorporated into the QR code of the posting declaration. Getex utilizes an RPA robot that connects to the IMI platform to generate the posting declaration in PDF format.

In the Getex file list, you can verify if a transport file has the IMI posting declaration completed or not, with the information displayed in the Operational Status column. Additionally, drivers can directly view all generated posting declarations in the GetexGO application.

By using this system, you can avoid creating postings for longer periods than necessary, which can be costly considering that the minimum remuneration in many member states exceeds that of Romania.

On the Transport Files Menu – there is an icon indicating IMI Posting Status. (in this case IMI Posting completed)

IMI Posting Information

Download the posting declaration as a PDF file and upload it into the system for attachment.


Partners: The integration with ANAF RO API has been enhanced to include County information for companies based in Romania.


Getex uses now the latest ANAF protocol to retrieve comprehensive information about companies in Romania, automatically associating County details for enhanced accuracy and convenience.


Financial Offset, a feature that simplifies financial offset management


Getex introduces a new module that streamlines financial offset management between Partners. This feature enables you to generate Offsetting Notes prior to processing payments in the system. Getex provides you with a clear overview of eligible Partners for financial offset, categorized by currencies, along with maximum offsetting amounts.
The registration process is user-friendly, and you can conveniently review customer and supplier invoices directly from the Offsetting screen (represented by an eye icon). The Offsetting Note document can be easily printed from the list of compensations.

This versatile tool can be seamlessly integrated with the Payment Order feature, allowing you to exclusively offset documents associated with a Payment Order, further enhancing efficiency and accuracy in your offset processes.


Optional Validation for Container Codes according to ISO 6346 Standard


Getex now offers an optional feature for validating container codes based on the DIN EN ISO 6346 standard. Enabling this feature is effortless: simply navigate to the Equipment Types catalog and select the "Container" option for the desired record. This ensures accurate and compliant container code validation within the system.


Financial Control – Enhances Allocation on Profit Centers


Getex's Controlling module now offers improved functionality by displaying allocations based on Profit Centers directly from documents. Tracking and identifying documents allocated to specific Profit Centers is made effortless. Moreover, identifying partially or unallocated documents to Profit Centers becomes easier than ever. Access the dedicated screen by navigating to the Menu under Controlling -> Profit Center Allocations.


Financial Integration with Advanced e-Banking Payment Solutions


Getex strengthens its financial capabilities by integrating with cutting-edge e-banking payment solutions. Seamlessly connect with various banks, including Raiffeisen, ING, OTP, BT, and BCR, allowing for secure and efficient payment transactions