Business Intelligence & Big Data

Businesses generate an impressive amount of data. So much data that sometimes it's hard to see the big picture that it makes out. Business Intelligence solutions analyze, synthesize and “translate” this data and offer you a clear, easy to understand picture, so you can manage your business efficiently and make quick decisions.
We like to put it like this: BI solutions help you turn vast quantities of data from various sources into VITAL INFORMATION for decision makers.
We develop descriptive and predictive analysis solutions that import data from various sources and we design and implement Data Warehouse structures. The results of the analyses are permanently at your disposal, through state of the art visualization and reporting solutions.
Contact usand find out
  • How a Business Intelligence solution can help you make your business more efficient

  • How you can set KPIs for each department of your organization

  • How you can analyze your KPIs, whether it's sales, products, clients, cashflow, production and delivery times, or anything else you want to know.

  • How you can receive easy to understand reports on your computer, tablet or smartphone

  • How you can use the analyses provided to predict you you business' evolution

Technology We Build Upon

Tableau Software
Microsoft SQL Server
What kind of data we analyze
We can import data from almost any source. Most often, we import data from:

Microsoft SQL Server
Google Analytics
Google Adwords