IT and Hardware Maintenance Outsourcing

We'll make sure you have no issues with your computer systems and equipment, so that you can focus on business development alone. We are proactive, because we prefer to prevent, rather than threat.
Depending on the needs of your organization, we can set up flexible maintenance plans or we can intervene whenever we're needed.

Call usif

  • You want to make the IT processes in your organization more efficient

  • You don't have qualified staff in your organization to solve your IT issues quickly and efficiently

  • Your IT systems need to be functional non-stop, with no downtime

  • You don't have the budget for a permanent IT department

What you canoutsourcing:

Server Maintenance and Administration

  • Linux OS Servers

  • MS Windows Servers

  • MS Exchange

  • MS SharePoint

  • Application Servers

  • VM Servers

  • Web Servers

  • Database Servers

Workstation Maintenance and Administration

  • Installation and Configuration

  • Admin

  • Hardware and Software Diagnosis

  • App Management

  • App Support

  • Periodical Proactive Maintenance

  • Monitoring

  • Update and Patch Management

  • Antivirus Management

Network Maintenance and Administration

  • Network Services (DHCP, DNS etc.)

  • VPN

  • Firewall

  • Routing & remote access

  • Routers & Switches

  • Wireless Networks

Peripheral Management

  • Printers

  • Multi-function Printers

  • Scanners

Linux OS Services

  • Server and Network Security / Security Auditings

  • Interconnection Services (VPN, Branch Interconnection etc.)

  • Custom Services (File Servers, Printing Servers, Corporate Email, Internal Private Messaging, Intranet Web Servers etc.)

  • Centralized File Management Solutions

  • Centralized Company Backup Systems

  • Centralized Company Authentication Servers

  • Recurrent Backup Services

  • Installation and Configuration of Specific Task Workstations

  • System Security Management (Firewall Maintenance and Monitoring, Automated Intruder Detection Systems, Automated Response Systems)

  • Backup Server Maintenance and Monitoring

  • Desktop Workstation Maintenance