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Assistant Manager
A software solution for small and medium enterprises, no matter their field or type of activity

Easy to Use

Because you have a lot of complicated things to manage every day, we've made AM a friendly, intuitive and easy to use app.


Because each business has its own distinct features, AM comes already configured for your type of business, so you can save time.


Each field has its own demands. AM is designed to adapt to your business profile, so that you get full efficiency out of it.

Greater efficiency across all your company's departments!


AM optimizes raw material stocks and supplies, facilitates calculations for production costs and generates consumption tickets based on product recipes.


Easy invoicing thanks to POS and cash register integration. Better cashflow and automatic reports.

Management, CEO, Shareholders

AM is easy to use without prior technical or accounting training in accounting, and it gives you quick information for each department.


All issues are accurately identified, which shortens solving times.


Real-time access to product supplies, order placement directly to company headquartes, client relationship monitoring.

Office management

AM offers receipts and disbursements journals, an electronic document archive and contact databases.


Quick access to activity reports and time cards.


You can send marketing emails straight from the app, you can efficiently organize your sales team and you can keep an eye on your sales pipeline in real time.

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