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A transportation management IT system developed and refined for over 17 years

What Is It?

Getex is an integrated, modular, flexible and scalable solution which streamlines transportation management

Types of shipping


What Does It Cover?

Getex covers all business processes – operational, post-operational, commercial, financial and reporting (Business Intelligence)

Who Is It For?

Expedition houses, companies that have their own fleets or that buy transportation services from providers

Real-time communication for transport dispatchers and drivers!

What is GetexGo and who uses it

GetexGo is Getex's mobile companion – an app for devices running iOS and Android.

Make Your Transportation Activity More Efficient!

Getex BI

Business Intelligence reports straight from Getex

Getex BI is a smart reporting solution.
It offers interactive reports that allow for deep data analysis.
With Getex BI, you can analyze
  • client and provider performance

  • the transport files, routes, cargo, types of packaging, per-file profits, per-client profits etc.

  • transport dispatcher performance

  • costs for each car in the fleet and their evolution over time, broken up over types of costs

  • traveled distance and dislocation distance – comparisons between planned distances and real distances

  • cost of fuel

  • operational data for transport files – number of delays, sources of delays, average times for loading, average weights for loading and unloading

  • profits and losses

  • cashflow reports

  • price per kilometer

The reports fill up automatically with data from Getex and are customizable! With Self-BI, you can generate your own reports, with just a few clicks.
Getex BI Report Example
Analyze Your Transportation Activity Now!