CAB - Core Auto Business
A complete and integrated solution for automotive importers and dealers

CAB is an complete and integrated software solution that covers all aspects of an automotive importer's activity, from dealer relationship management to calculating margins and CRM.
CAB is preferred by automotive importers, but can also be used by any company which distributes complex and configurable products, such as motor vehicles or industrial and agricultural equipment, through a network of dealers.

Product Management

Allows for definition of brands, models, types, accessories and optional features etc.

Automotive Sales

Importers or dealers are able to record all operations tied to the sales process into the app.

Additional Automotive Operations

Registering and defining provisional license plate numbers, car documentation and pollution standards.


Custody management and approval. Up-to-date information regarding the vehicles each dealer has in custody.

Planning of Orders to Producers

Importers are able to send information to producers regarding the mix of vehicles they are ordering – models, optional features etc.

Centralized and Integrated CRM Module

Dealers are able to keep track of leads in a unified manner and can send out offers.

Importer-Dealer Relationship Management

Dealers are able to see the reservations they've made with producers and can check their stocks, they can use the configuration feature and can send invoices to clients.

Integrated vehicle configurator

Dealers are able to configure vehicles to be produced, even if such vehicles are not yet in stock. Fixtures, optional features and packages of optional features can also be configured.

Stock Management

Importers and dealers are able to administer vehicle stocks straight from the app.


Vehicle location account, history and relevant information for each type of location.

Technical Approval Certificate Management

Allocation of technical approval certificates for each vehicle and model.

Special Programs Management

Users are able to manage special sales programs, such as the REMAT program.

Special Offers Management

Dealers are able to issue and manage special sales offers.

Business Intelligence and Reports

Users are able to generate a wide range of relevant and configurable reports from the app, regarding operations, dealer activity, profits etc.

ERP Software Integration

Users are able to export invoices, custody reports, car location reports, to register receipts etc.

Integration With Other Web Solutions

The software solution can be integrated with online stores, official brand websites etc.

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