Track Enabling, better location functionalities and inspections calculated by distance traveled - here are some of the improvements of Getex 3.05

November 01, 2018
With the Track Enabled option, users are now able to not save route or location history for selected vehicles. Until now, Getex would save this information for all vehicles with location activated. Now, users can choose, by simply checking a box, if they want to store the data or not. The developer recommends that this option be checked for all cars with active operational cycles.
Also, the new version of Getex gives users the possibility to more easily search for nearest vehicles, by pressing on those particular vehicles’ pins in the app interface. They can now also indentify cars that haven’t updated their location for some time, with the help of the Updated Location filter. The cars’ location can be sent to clients more precisely, with the help of new parameters that can be integrated into the body of an email.
For companies that use the GetexGo mobile app and GPS functions, Getex now calculates the real dislocation and transport distances for each file. Each vehicle will now have up-to-date kilometers traveled data, based on the information it receives, and the app is now able to also calculate when the next inspection is due, based on distance traveled. Until now, inpections were only made at certain time intervals.
Last, but not least, Getex now allows users to compare planned routes for a specific day with the routes actually traveled. This way, companies are now able to check if drivers stick to the planned routes and their efficiency.