Say Hello to the AM Mobile Tools Module but also other news in version 4.06 of the AM commercial management solution

August 04, 2021


Calculation methods for commercial document’s values


The AM now allows the organization-level setting of how business document values are calculated. The available calculation methods are one hundred increased (for companies that issue tax receipts generated with tax cash registers) and conventional calculation mode, ie Total Value = Base Value + VAT Value. We will configure the conventional calculation method for all organizations that do not use the fiscal cash register. If you intend to use a cash register, please inform us to make the necessary settings.


Multiple cash collection / payment accounts, with the possibility of separate templates for each account


AM now allows the existence in the same working instance of several house type accounts. The solution facilitates the activity of companies with several work points or of companies that for various reasons need more accounts of this kind.


The accounting month closing procedure completely rewritten


The closing procedure of the accounting month has been completely rewritten. The procedure is optimized, runs faster and involves a series of additional validations that ensure the accuracy of the information.


Fiscal documents (fiscal invoices) are saved in pdf format upon validation of documents


When validating the output fiscal documents, the AM system generates a pdf file that keeps the information of the document at that moment. This solves the problems of (re) printing tax documents when various information changes: for example when the partner's name changes and we have to print a past invoice, when the previous balance changes and the document needs to be reprinted, etc.


Optimizing the sending of fiscal documents (invoices) by email, directly through your e-mail account


AM now allows the configuration of several email accounts directly in the system, accounts that will be used to send fiscal documents (invoices).


Accounting Stock Report, allows the display of stock information regardless of management


The Accounting Stock Report screen now allows the display of stocks and all Inventories simultaneously. The change now simplifies the analysis of stocks for an item (the accounting stock will be displayed on all inventories) or the way of correcting negative stocks, if necessary.


Optimized Stock Balance Report


The Stock Balance report as well as other reports in the Stock Report Selector have been optimized or completely rewritten. Inadvertent values of final balance and initial balance of the previous month are thus resolved.


Timesheet module - news in the timesheet budget area.


Multiple projects can be defined for the same client in the budget area of the Timesheet module. Multiple types of operations can be budgeted for each project. The budgeted effort can be subsequently analyzed in the AM BI module.


Possibility to print labels with barcodes for easier tracking of storable products


AM now allows the printing of barcode labels for the labeling of marketed products. Thermal transfer printers can be used and the process can be done from the receipt of goods and the items sold should be easily identifiable at any time during the entire storage period.


AM Mobile Tools Module, solution for simplifying the operations in your warehouses


AM provides companies with a new tool, AM Mobile Tools, which can be used on smart industrial portable terminals, possibly with an integrated barcode reader. Two distinct workflows are covered:

  • Stock Info: enter (scan the barcode label) the code of a product and find the stock in all inventories
  • Goods Delivery Preparation: The warehouse operator enters (scans the code) the number of an document (Invoice or Notice of Delivery) and then can tick (validate) each line of the goods delivery document, to validate the products delivered to the customer. At the output document level, the information ref to who (what user) prepared the delivery goods will be saved.

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