Info version 3.49 of Getex: Changes in the Getex B2B module, updated Here Maps API interface, new reports available

June 01, 2021

B2B Client – new email notification available for your Customers Info Shipments


You may send (in the morning, in the evening or at any time you wish) a new notification with the current status of all ongoing shipments. The notification lists all the ongoing Shipments files for the respective client and details the latest operational information (arrived at loading, on the road, reached at unloading, etc.). The client also has at his disposal the link with Additional Info for each of the transport files wich points to the Getex B2B page.


Planned and completed distance report vs. billable items on Shipments


You have at your disposal a new tool (report) for checking the planned and traveled distances on Shipment files with the billable items set on the Shipment. You will be able to compare the distances planned according to the route planner with the distances achieved and with those to be paid to the suppliers.


Generate House Air Bill and House Bill of Lading documents directly from Shipments


You will be able to easily generate the mentioned transport documents directly from the Transport Files. The utility is available in the Operations submenu.


Getex allows the use of the new HereMaps API protocol


Here Maps has launched a new generation of its Here Maps API platform and Getex now allows the use of this version. We recommend generating new API keys for the new protocol.


Sending by email the self-invoice customer invoices without invoice template


After registering the auto-invoice from the clients, you will be able to send by email only the transport documents related to the Shipment files mentioned on the auto-invoice.


Customer invoices, option to generate and print customer correspondence envelope


In the customer invoice list screen you also have the possibility to generate (print) the correspondence envelope. The option is available in the Operations submenu.


Customer invoices, new filter for identifying invoices for which document delivery confirmations have not been registered


Also on the customer invoice list screen you can now quickly identify which documents for which you have not yet registered the confirmation of physical receipt of transport documents using the new filter Has AWB Complete - Yes / No.


Transport damage, easy identification of files


When registering transport damages, the Shipment selector also allows searching by series of files. Identifying the file is thus much easier.


Integration with Saga accounting system, interface updates


The partner (supplier) country information will now be available for exporting supplier invoice documents to the Saga system. VAT information with reverse charge on supplier invoice documents will also be exported.