Supplier Invoice Payment Blocker and Other New Functionalities, in Getex v. 3.24

April 19, 2019
Getex’s most recent iteration, version 3.24, brings new functionalities for users. Among these, the most notable is the possibility to block payments for certain provider invoices.
The new functionality allows users to partially or totally block the payment of some invoices coming from providers. Various reasons can be set for the blocking, and Getex v. 3.24 comes with a catalogue where these can be entered and saved. The application will be able to periodically notify providers about the payment block, so that they can address the issues with the invoices that caused the blocking.
Apart from this new functionality, Getex users are now able to save individual distances for transport segments, when they set up new transport routes.
Also, in the Filter area of the app, users can now set up and save permanent filters for use in the Transport Files screen.
Another new functionality is the possibility to enter Time and Date information when setting up the route for a Transport File. These are new parameters that can be entered in the route setup field.